CRAVE Research Four

This is a great article, I would definitely check it out as well as reading my analysis.

Smith, Ken. “Public Meeting Addresses Seward Highway Safety.” Turnagain Times[Girdwood] 20 Aug. 2009: 1-16. Turnagain Times. Midnight Sun Communications, 2009. Web. 20 Mar. 2013.    <>.

Ken Smith, in this newspaper article Public Meeting Addresses Seward Highway Safety, discusses the recent issues associated with safety on the Seward Highway and the public effort to fix them. Smith goes about this by providing some specific crashes to show the need, then describing and quoting the events at the meeting, referencing statistics on the highway, and relating some solutions proposed at the meeting and the details about them. The author attempts to inform the community about the problem,  efforts that are going on, possible solutions, so the reader may help. As an article that answers the research question very similar to mine, this was a great source to get inspiration from. A journalist hunted down this information and compiled it all in a great summary, which is just what I need to do. I can follow up and reference many of the sources he quotes.

At the bottom of the page there are three links to DOT sources about crashes. This is the kind of hard data that I was looking for earlier to figure out the situation. I thought it was interesting having all of the statistics on location, cause, and fatalities of all the crashes. This will be invaluable for figuring out the most effective way of reducing accidents. For instance, Windy Corner looks particularly deadly for unimpaired crashes, while drug and alcohol related incidents are more concentrated around Bird Point. Would education and enforcement be the best allocation of funds, or should we splurge on actual highway renovations? I could contact the experts that he quotes in the article. I thought it was interesting Bob McVitty’s comment on the cost of human life. It seems like after this many deaths $600 million would be worth it. Also, from personal experience I noticed that a lot of crashes, even maybe a majority, were around the easier sections of the road such as the straight aways right out of Girdwood. Maybe people stop being careful and think they haven’t gotten to the dangerous part yet.



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