CRAVE Research Three

Part three rolls on in.

James, Kyle. German Town’s Traffic Plan: Remove Signs, Curbs. N.d. NPR: Weekend Edition Saturday. NPR, 19 Jan. 2008. Web. 13 Mar. 2013. <;. 

National Public Radio in the short radio program “German Town’s Traffic Plan: Remove Signs, Curbs” describes the efforts of one small town to increase safety along one of their busiest roads. Kyle James researches the issue by conducting interviews with locals, industry representatives, city officials, and by quoting statistics and other primary sources. The purpose of the article is to open America’s way of thinking of managing our traffic. Perhaps this could be implemented into some of our similar cities. This source is relevant to my topic because it offers a different philosophy into my problem. While our two situations are wildly different, maybe a minimalistic approach is a better option, as opposed to adding new technology.

I liked the counter-intuitive problem solving. I know from personal experience that my best/safest driving is when I’m unsure or hesitant. The human factor, while often the hardest to control, is still the most effective. If people are too scared to go fast, then there is no danger at all because they cannot lose control. But on the Seward Highway this may not work because there are not all of the pedestrians to worry about; the default is for people to be careless, not careful. However, it could be effective to use this same psychology, and make drivers scared in some way, while not actually giving them specifics. AM radio traffic updates, such as warning drivers about “Ice near the Potter’s Marsh Weigh Station” might do more harm than good, because then drivers would be careless on all other sections of the road because they assume that means it’s safe. Doubt is the best medicine.


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